This QR code and Short URL generator is a fantastic tool for educators. It helps to streamline the work that you will be doing online, while saving you TONS of time by creating the codes for you. This tool has made a huge impact in the areas of literacy and assessment in my school district. Please read into the uses for this tool at the bottom, and feel free to grab this tool for yourself.

What I have used this tool for:
  • Use to record their reading passage, then paste the link into this sheet so I have a batch of responses to review.
  • Upload videos to YouTube, then paste the links here. 
  • Paste books into the sheet and print it. Cut the sheet into strips and place them into students book boxes.
  • Create batch codes for your students to navigate the internet quickly, paste these codes onto students desks.
  • Use this tool as a guide to how many sites you have your students going to. Make it manageable!
  • Take any activity, and digitize it by pasting words into the link column instead of a URL.

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