Hands down, the best feedback you can give students is face to face reflection. This cannot always be done, especially when you are working with flexible, mobile curriculum. The next best option is to provide timely audio feedback. If you are quick about sending this to students, they get the sense that you care about their work and what their thoughts are. Providing it through an audio format allows the student to hear your inflection, your excitement, or your disappointment. There is nothing lost in translation!

The list below is certainly not an exhausting collection. It contains the tools that I found most helpful when I was teaching, and for my current role as a coach. You will notice that all of these apps are available on a mobile device. Without having these accessible on your phone, or your tablet, it is hard to give feedback in a timely manor. My rule of thumb is to provide it within 30 minutes. This normally means that the student, or the teacher, is still at their computer to hear what your reflection is. 

I used this as our ePortfolio system when I was teaching Kindergarten. It has a synchronous uploading option with our iPevo doc cams. This system also allows you to give feedback through an audio recording right within evernote. It makes collecting, and assessing work so much easier when you do not have to go from one app to another. 

This app is my favorite app. There are so many customization options available that it has replaced many of my other apps. I use the Audio Encouragement workflow to give my teachers' feedback based on the learning that we shared. It also makes for very fast, and easy reflections for students.

Voice Recorder Pro App
For a free app, the quality that this has, is unmatchable! You can record HD audio with this tool, and send it through a multitude of methods. This system also syncs with Evernote, allowing you to have even more flexibility with that tool. Share your feedback through your LMS, Google Drive, or simply an email.

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