There is a lot of change happening in education. This change is a good thing. It is helping education to catch up with the real world and prepare our students to leave our schools ready. The changes are happening cannot overlook the basics of being a good teacher. Our primary goal always needs to be the relationships that we establish with our students, and how these relationships transfer skills in our students. If being a great role model for your students is the only thing that they learn, then you win! You are considered a great teacher in my mind. 

Being a former kindergarten teacher, I have always put being a great role model as a huge priority. Far too many students come into school without having a role model, and even more students are missing a male role model. I have far too many stories of students who I have taught that lack having anyone rooting for them and encouraging them to be great. To this day, I still think about those students who were not given the chance they deserve :(

Here are the pillars that I have in place that I always carry with me. No matter the capacity that I am working with students or staff, these are the ideals that I use to establish as a leader, and a role model. 

You can’t care Enough!
Every teacher has students that are their favorites. They also have students that are not their favorites. Making effort to reach those students who are not your favorites will pay it forward far more than you can imagine. Connecting with them may provide them a relationship that they have never had before. It may give them the courage to share things that they have never shared before. It may remove the stimuli that you are bullying them, and that you care about them. Make a small effort, to change a life.

Everyone needs Boundries
This is certainly a parenting thing, but something that new and passive teachers can lack. Establishing boundaries will not remove the problems, but it will help contain them. Set forth these lines so that they have freedom to move, but not enough to take over. Is it hard to explain this concept as it is different for every lesson, every student, and every group. Give them parameters for success, without removing your control.

Transfer Perseverance
The entire profession of teaching hinges on the ability to transfer information. We teach reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and special subjects to students all day. At times, teachers have forgotten the core of what we need to teach students. We need to teach them how to rely on their abilities, how to push through struggles and resolve issues on their own. Built a capacity for success that they can own.

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