I admit, I have been lacking on posting over the last couple of weeks. Closing the year, ensuring that conversations and ideas have been finalized, and ensuring that initiatives and structures are in place for continued growth are just a few of the things that I have been focusing on. Although these are important, as is taking time off and prioritizing things differently. I encourage you this summer to take a set back, and think about yourself. Use the guide below to guide your learning this summer.

  • The average person reads just 6 books each year. The top CEO's read over 60 per year! These successful people are clearly doing something right. Take note from their learning practices and make an effort to read this summer.
  • Take time early in the year to reflect on how the year went. Find out what went well and what happened to make it go well. Determine what root causes led to great change and growth and find ways to ensure that they are replicated and spread for the next year. Be purposeful while you reflect to archive this thinking and set time aside in the later parts of summer to re-look at this conversation.
  • Step away from learning! It seems like a counterpoint, but it is a critical step in learning. Walk away from reading, and reflecting for a time. I have scheduled my weeks in the summer to cycle through this process. Read, Reflect, Recharge would be a three week cycle that is replicated 4 times this summer. That means that I can read through 4 books, ensure that the learning from those books is archived and applicable to my work, and that I make time for my family. 

Have a great summer!

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