We all know that education is changing, and changing very radically. Our world is jumping leaps and bounds, along with adding more and more learning to students' plates. These demands are increasing and will only continue to increase. So how do you support this learning? How do you create an environment where teachers reap benefits from what you are doing while not reaching the point of becoming overwhelmed? How do you lead your staff into the black? I will help to shine some light on how we have helped to scaffold large scale shifts in education.

Specialist's Role
  • Being a specialist, I feel this shift is very critical to the success of your planning and direction. Specialists cannot work in silo's! I am a tech integrationist, but I make it a point to step out of the technological frame to ensure the work we are doing is best practice, and not just tech practice. Integrating well rounded coaches, who pride themselves on working well rounded is a key element to running a successful program. 
  • Creating plans that are realistic, and tied into strategic directions is not easy. It is even harder to make sure these plans are scalable, and managable by staff members. I urge you to make a real effort to build your plans to incorporate as many strategic directions as possible, while ensuring you are delivering best practices. This will help to lessen the workload, while making connections for learning within your staff.
  • Making connections to what is actually happening in classrooms may be the most important step. Reach your visual learners, and pull along those who think it is not possible. Establish a norm for greatness by revealing the work as it is done. Connect items on plans together if this is possible. Work smarter, not harder. 
  • This is something that your leaders need to make a priority. I feel it is important that all leadership level staff are ahead of the teaching staff. This ensures that we are modeling what is coming, setting the stage for successful implementation, and establishing a norm for innovation.