Today there is a tool that will do just about anything. You can pick up a machine that only makes waffles, or quesadillas, or like the example below, blends things up. These tools are all great, but they can only do specific things. 

This picture above is of two different blenders. The one on the left has nine different buttons. Each button does something different. It customized what it will do based on what you need. The blender on the left has just one button. For this tool, which is designed to blend, it will do just that. Lets compare this tool with you as a teacher When you are teaching you have a lot of things to do. You have many little humans to care for and make sure learn that material that you are teaching. With that being said, are you really changing what you are doing? Are you changing your instruction to meet others needs? Are you working with students individually and in groups? Are you measuring their learning with formative assessments? Are you choosing different settings to ensuring that every child is getting exactly what they need to be successful? 

Choose to be the blender on the left, PLEASE!

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