I have had the belief that technology is not a choice in classrooms since I began my teaching career. I believed this so much, that I wrote a grant myself to receive the first SMART board in my school when nobody else even knew what these things were. This belief is one that many educators have, but not all!

This video was published in 2008, 2008 people! That was 8 years ago! It is astonishing the number of teachers who watch this video, and have issue with the current practices they use in their classroom.

Technology creates environments for learning that did not exist in the past. In fact, since this video came out, systems like Snapchat, wearable devices, and wifi capable vehicles have opened up the realm for learning even more. This urge that many of the best educational minds are sharing in 2008, should be even more on the forefront of conversations. So, why isn't it?

At your next team meeting, discuss any of these questions to help reflect, or guide your team's thoughts:
  1. Look around your classroom, how does your instruction reflect the way we learn in real life?
  2. How do your students engage with technology? Is it for practice, or for learning?
  3. When you think of the future your kids will be leading, how do you prepare them?
  4. What is standing in your way of changing how you educate?

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