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I was challenged recently from the great mind of Scott McLeod. He said "Blogging is dying, what will come up next that will be better for teachers than blogs".  Now, this is a daunting task! I am a relatively new blogger and the thought of what I am being obsolete and ineffective for teachers and leaders is pretty scary. Spending hours reflecting, learning, and trying to be innovative still lands on the mark now and again, but overall, I would agree. In general, blogging seems to be past its prime.

I compare blogging to things like memes. When a meme first comes out, it is very exciting and funny to replicate. Everyone wants to be a part of it and use it their own way. The meme if very popular for a period of time, but then the fire dies out. Think back to the meme "Breadface Cat". This meme was very popular, but today, can you honestly find anyone still using it? Blogging seems to be following the same track. Educators around the world have hit the highest point of this, and are now ready for the next thing. 

So what is the next thing, what meme is next? In my opinion, I think the next best thing is authentic sharing spaces. These sharing spaces are embedded with current file storage spaces that allow teachers to authentically share, reflect, and disperse ideas. These spaces are already here, but the organizing tools are not. 

Here is my iteration of what is could look like: If you notice, this space is in beta (up for review) 

Spaces like this allow any user to learn how to create future ready materials. These materials vary in design to meet the needs of any mobile device. This allows you, as the viewer, to cater your learning to any style of technology implementation plan that you have in place (BYOD, 1:1 iPads or Chromebooks, Laptops). It also has a space for storage. The unique feature about this system, is that it is open to anyone. Anyone, from anywhere, can go onto this website, and add this folder to their Google Drive. From there, they can upload their materials, finish projects for like users, or simply borrow what is there. The final feature of this site is the communication lanes. Not only do you have the ability to collaborate to create, but you have an avenue to reach out through social media. Educators around the globe can use this space to find like minded teachers, share like materials, and work collaboratively. 

This type of innovative space cannot be done today. That's right, even thought blogging is dying, and this could be the answer at some point, this will not work today. I have worked with far too many districts, and far to many schools that do not have the mentality to make a space like this work. Far too many teachers still have the thought that if they make it and it is good, why would I share it with you (unless you my friend). I have even heard the thought that if they make it, and use district supported storage spaces, that the district will copy it, and sell it for their own personal profit!

With these types of mindsets in our school systems, sharing spaces like this cannot happen. It will take a full scale, fundamental shift in thinking and collaboration to change teachers' methods. Even if it is mandated by the administrators, teachers will keep the best of the best for themselves. The power in collaborating to create future ready students needs to be highlight of these conversations and trainings. Without discovering this power, you are wasting your time and energy. 

So, I will leave you with a challenge. I want you to start small, but start tomorrow. When you go into work, I want to you to share your best lesson with all of your co-workers. This does not mean your building grade level. I am talking about everyone who teaches the same grade that you know, personal, or professional. Simply send it to them as an email attachment, or through your storage space. Be sure to be courageous, and encourage them to use this as their own. If you find this empowering, try it more often, and on new platforms. Share through social media and if you choose, through my iteration above.