I love to think about the future. I love to imagine what is out there, and the possibilities that will open up in the future for all aspects of education. For me, this is inspiring, and something will motivate me to move myself today. This post will help to inspire you for what types of media your students will be receiving, and hopefully point you in a direction to start working.


The NY Times came out with this article a while ago, and it is a great model for what types of media our students can, and should be engaging in while they are in school. I challenge you to look through the article and interact with some of the items before you continue on.

Things that stand out to me:
  • Student Choice
  • Embedded Media
  • No Specific Learning Task (no cookie cutter projects)
  • VERY engaging
  • Content is tied to reality
Tools to make this:

You have the tools, you have the ideas, so lets get going. The future is coming no matter if you want it to or not. You can choose the stand be, and let it carry you away. Or you can start moving, and ride that wave to student success!!

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