All credit for this goes to @RaRaPenguin. Tootie is the arch nemesis of tattling. It is telling on someone for being good or for doing something awesome. Doing something like this in your building will help in many ways. First, we live very busy lives. By making this a priority and holding each other accountable for sharing the greatness that happens, you are putting an emphasis on these experiences. Second, by being public about sharing innovative experiences, you are redirecting pressure for change. Instead of you "forcing" change on reluctant teachers, you are using peer pressure to urge them along. For some people, this is more powerful than your directive. Last is the sharing of ideas. Too often teachers are stuck because they do not know what to do and use that as a crutch for effort. By sharing like this, there is a plethora of ideas and no excuse to not have one (or twenty).

Who are you going to Tootie on today?

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