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Christmas is gone, but that does not mean you got what you wanted. The gadgets available today is more innovative, and intuitive than anything before! They have the ability to literally, change your life forever! Here is a list of some of the coolest ones that I still have on my wishlist!

AMPY - This wearable technology is a kinetic charger. It uses the motion you are doing, and transfers it into energy! This is clean, green energy, and it comes from you exercising. This gadget charges itself and acts like a mobile charger while you are out and about. You can keep this in your backpack, and it will ALWAYS be fully charged, giving you the boost you need, when you need it! AMPY also comes with a guide of the best locations where to wear it. Learn how to best wear this tool to get the most bang for your workouts!

Cicret - This wristband is not even on the market yet! It is a comfortable wristband that holds a mini projector and touch recognition sensors. It literally projects a mirror image of your phones screen onto your forearm. Since it is a mirror image, you can do everything that you were going to do on your phone. Use Google Maps while on your run without the worry of dropping your phone, change music on the fly, or quickly send a tweet while walking into work. Keep your phone in the safety of your bag while you have access to all of its tools.

Bixi - This sensor is one of the best motion sensors around. It reminds me of The Leap, before the renovated it. Since I have a special education background, I think that this tool can be a game changing assistive technology tool. Especially when you consider that students have phones with small screens, and the ever shrinking tablets available. Another fantastic use could be in Physical Education. Mount a computer with Bixi attached behind the protection of plexiglass. Use this station to teach students, engage them, and monitor their progress!

Gorilla Gadgets - Fahari released this charger a few months ago. It is one of the most universal touch less charging stations available today. It charges all Qi devices. You can buy a Qi chip for almost any phone on the market, making this tool a one size fits all charger. 

Air Bar - This is an extremely simple tool, that has game changing results. It is a USB plug in bar, that turns any computer into a touch screen! Again, I reflect back on the assistive technology options that are present. Besides this, you can update and old clunker, into a ready to go tool. Use this option for younger students when they have trouble with trackpads. 

Amazon Dash Buttons - We all love convenience, and Amazon has made your life easier than ever. They currently have a handful of buttons that you can buy for just $5 a piece. Attach these buttons, where ever you want, most attach them near the supply of the item. When you are running low on it, press the button. It will automatically add this item to your Amazon cart so you never run out! This is just one step away from your washer ordering its own detergent, or your razor telling you its time for a new blade! Get ready, its coming!