Google is the most powerful tool in education today. The collaboration, storage, and capabilities for differentiation makes this one tool that cannot be missed. For those who are advanced users, you may already know and see the capabilities. One feature that can be overlooked, it the publishing option. This tool can be ignored because of the way that you share docs, or simply that you do not know what it really is. This post will shine some light on this tool.

How Do You Publish?

It is literally that easy, you will then be given a publish link that you can share where you so choose. If you are publishing a Google Slides presentation, you can change the settings so that your slideshow will start, and flip through slides when someone clicks on the link. 

Why Publish?
  • Docs are always in view mode - No accidental editing
  • Updated every 5 mins - Not as fast as instant, but pretty close
  • Presentation style - Slides will start the show, and flip through slides for you
  • All can be published
  • Opens up the viewers beyond your reach
  • Make your work transparent - Share your to do list with your boss, let them see your work in real time
  • Showcase a more refined look

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