Change in education is inevitable. The realm of technology is making impacts on our world that are changing and will continue to change our daily life. Some would argue that this change is bad, others argue that this change is natural. Regardless of your thinking, it is still change and we have to deal with it. 

I have worked with many teachers over my time teaching. Some have been oppositional to change, and some have not. Some like to listen and learn and some would rather continue to do what they have done in the past. My favorite teachers to work with our teachers who follow the quote below. 


Being a work in progress means that you are open to new ideas and thinking. You are ready to be challenged, yet want to honor the work you have done in the past. You enjoy learning and hearing about what is next because you want what is best for your students. Taking on this perspective is truly the best thing that you can do, not only for yourself, but for your students. Coming into professional development days, or learning team meetings is a good start. Coming into your classroom every day with an open mind and the mindset that we are always growing is a trait that will change your teaching forever.

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