The gadget you added is not valid is a fancy tool, and it is a great one. It allows you to combine your email, with interactive connections to your calendar. This tool is good for education, but it is even better for business owners! If you have ever experienced Doodle before, has the same layout, except that it interacts with your Google, or iCloud calendar!

As a specialist in the educational field, I have found to be helpful when offering many options to staff. There are tools like MixMax, that allow you to embed options into your calendar, but you have to preselect, and block them off. This tool allows you to open up almost to no end, and have the recipient choose a time slot that works for them. Here are some great times when this tool could be beneficial:
  • Parent Teacher conferences!!
  • Grading Days (sign me out if you need me)
  • Before/After school times
  • Extra days (if your contract is longer than teachers)
  • Choice style PD times