The work needed to improve our daily teaching practice is unending and often quite daunting. The world around us is constantly changing and creating a fluid, updated future. This future, although unpredictable, is very different from today. It promises to be more connected, faster paced, and driven by technology. Whether you work with technology or not, it will influence the world around you. This future forces us to look critically at how we are educating students. It forces us to ensure that all students have the ability to learn and achieve at high levels. This responsibility is one that I share, which is why I am constantly aiming to help you through these resources. 

Below you will find a link for a Google Slides template that allows you to organize your math instruction to meet the needs of all learners. There are center ideas and structures, formative assessment guides and icons, and a 5 day layout that will keep you and your students organized. 

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