Google Graphic Design  |  Summer 2017

Join Kris Szajner as he dives into the endless graphic design options available within GAFE! Learn the tips and tricks that turn any file into a piece of art! Your students are guaranteed to LOVE your new skill set! Join to expand your learning or to collaborate with like minded educators as you work through this 6 week course. The course will begin on June 26th and end August 11th. All assignments are optional to meet your needs as a learner.

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This class will require between 6 and 30 hours of work. With all assignments and learning being optional, you can customize your learning to fit your needs! Choose to dive into certain GAFE options and not into others or take a leap to learn them all. Best of all, you are learning from and expert and collaborating with the best teachers around! 

Should I take this class?

Does your presentations lack some flare? Do you want more engagement online? Do you want more followers on social media? Is your portfolio missing something? Then this course is for you! Teachers, administrators, coaches, secretaries, and anyone who wants to improve their graphic design skills are invited to join.

This course will offer learning through step by step guides, screencasts, peer and teacher feedback. Your learning is supported by Kris through video conferences, social media, and email. Your learning and satisfaction with your time spent in this course is his priority! 

Course Outline

Each week, we will focus on a different Google App for Education. We will dive into a daily tip, trick, or template. You are going to leave with more knowledge than you know what to do with! 
  • Drawings
  • Docs
  • Forms
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Sites

After Registering

After paying for this course, you will be provided the unique course access code. You may join this at any time but the assignments will not begin until June 26th.

Still have Questions? Contact Kris by emailing or reaching out on any of the social media channels below!